Friday, June 19, 2015

Creating your first Android App using PhoneGap Command Line Interface.

So now you have installed PhoneGap/Cordova and Android development tools in your windows machine as explained here , now you can proceed with Android App development by reading this article :

All the steps below will use CLI commands available with PhoneGap/cordova, you can read about using CLI commands here.
  1. Create a PhoneGap Project
    Command : phonegap create project_folder app_id app_name
    eg : phonegap create my_first_app My first App
  2. Add Android Platform
    Command : phonegap platform add platform_name
    eg. : phonegap platform add android
  3. Build the Android App with default files
    Command : phonegap build platform_name
    eg. : phonegap build android
  4. Emulate the Android App
    Command : phonegap emulate platform_name
    eg. : phonegap emulate android

While following this process if you get stuck due to some errors, check this article
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