Saturday, July 15, 2017

How to add font-awesome to Angular 2 CLI project

Follow the below steps for adding Font Awesome to an Angular-2 app created using Angular CLI

  1. Goto the project directory and open Command in Windows / terminal in Mac
  2. npm install font-awesome --save //in Windows
    sudo npm install font-awesome --save //in Mac
  3. In project root folder, find and open the file 'angular-cli.json' in any editor 
  4. Locate the styles[] array and add font-awesome references directory. like:
    "apps": [
                "styles": [
  5. Add some font-awesome icons in any component html file. 
  6. Rerun the server by command
    ng serve
    as 'angular-cli.json' is not observed for changes.
  7. Awesome Icons will be visible now
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