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Tangio Announces New Sales Representative in Greater China
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VANCOUVER, Canada, November 11th 2016 – Tangio Printed Electronics, a division of Sytek Enterprises Inc., a global leader in Printed Touch Sensing Solutions, today announced the appointment of Assel Co. Ltd as its new partner representative to manage sales in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. “We are very pleased to announce Assel, with their seasoned team of sales professionals, as our first representative partner in South East Asia,” stated Mr. Robin Jefferies, CEO of Tangio. “Tangio is expanding its partner network in this strategically important region, and Assel is spearheading that initiative. These relationships will make Tangio’s unique combination of state-of-the-art 3D Multi-touch sensors, advanced FSR’s, and integrated front panel solutions accessible to an even wider customer base.” Mr. Garly Lu, Vice President of Assel Co. Ltd. commented, “Assel is excited about the new partnership with Tangio. We will support a total-solution methodology to our customers with Tangio’s Force Sensing Resistor products, bringing technology and value to our customers in key application areas, like for example, motor control. We look forward to mutual success with Tangio in the Greater China market.” About Tangio Printed Electronics Tangio, the Printed Electronics division of Sytek Enterprises Inc, is a global leader in the design and manufacture of a wide range of custom and standard force sensing solutions. From simple high performance "single point" FSR sensors, through to state-of-the-art 3D multi-touch resistive sensors and other novel innovations in printed electronics. Tangio offers unrivalled levels of integration, enabling customers to add value and reduce costs in their supply chain and get to market quicker. Tangio’s philosophy of “Affordable Innovation” enables OEM’s and Tiers to deploy next generation HMI solutions in their products today. Tangio is a truly global company, with headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, and strategically positioned internal and partner sites in Europe, SE Asia, and India, supporting a rapidly expanding customer base. For more information go to

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